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Brand Development

We specialize in brand development for bands and musicians, focusing on creating a strong and distinctive identity that resonates with your target audience. Whether you're launching a new project or seeking to redefine your brand, our team is dedicated to guiding you through the process of building a compelling and authentic brand.

Define Your Music Brand: Crafting a unique and memorable brand is essential in the music industry. We'll work closely with you to define your musical style, image, and core values. Your brand identity will serve as the foundation for all your promotional efforts, helping you stand out in a crowded market.

Design Visual Assets: Visual elements play a pivotal role in brand development. Our team can assist you in creating eye-catching visual assets, including logos, album artwork, and promotional materials. Consistent and visually appealing design elements contribute to a cohesive brand image.

Craft Your Story: Every successful brand has a compelling story. We'll help you articulate your journey, influences, and the essence of your music. Crafting a narrative that resonates with your audience enhances the emotional connection and loyalty to your brand.

Develop Brand Collateral: From merchandise to social media profiles, we'll ensure that all your brand collateral aligns with your defined identity. This includes everything from website design to merchandise packaging, creating a seamless and recognizable brand experience for your fans.

Let's Do It: Once your brand is defined, our team will support you in implementing it across all touchpoints. Whether it's launching a new brand or refreshing an existing one, we'll work alongside you to ensure that your brand development efforts are successfully integrated into your overall music marketing strategy.

EPK Development

We specialize in EPK (Electronic Press Kit) development for bands and musicians, providing a comprehensive and professional package to showcase your music and talent to industry professionals, media outlets, and potential collaborators. Whether you're a new artist or an established band, our team is committed to creating a compelling EPK that highlights your unique musical identity.

Craft a Professional Bio: A well-crafted biography is the cornerstone of any EPK. We'll work with you to create a compelling and concise narrative that introduces your band, highlights key achievements, and captures the essence of your musical journey.

Compile Press Materials: Our team will assist you in gathering essential press materials, including high-quality photos, album artwork, and any relevant press coverage. These materials will be carefully curated to present a visually appealing and cohesive package that represents your brand.

Showcase Music and Videos: The heart of your EPK lies in showcasing your music and visual content. We'll help you select the most impactful tracks, music videos, and live performances to include in your EPK, giving industry professionals a firsthand experience of your musical prowess.

Highlight Achievements: Whether you've received awards, played notable gigs, or garnered positive reviews, we'll ensure that your EPK highlights these achievements. This section adds credibility and showcases your band's success in the industry.

Distribution Strategy: Once your EPK is ready, our team can guide you on the best practices for distributing it to industry contacts, record labels, and media outlets. We'll help you tailor your EPK for specific audiences, increasing the likelihood of capturing attention and opening doors for opportunities.

Make it Happen: As your EPK is finalized, we'll support you in implementing it into your promotional efforts. Whether it's submitting it to festivals, labels, or using it for media outreach, a well-designed and comprehensive EPK is a powerful tool to advance your music career.

Marketing Plans

We're dedicated to helping bands and musicians craft the perfect marketing plan to amplify your music and reach a wider audience. Whether you're just starting out or looking to take your music career to the next level, our team is ready to collaborate with you every step of the way.

Define Your Brand: Establishing a strong brand is crucial for musicians. Let's work together to define your unique sound, image, and message. Whether you're a new band or an established artist, a strong brand sets the foundation for effective music marketing.

Plan Your Releases: Planning the release of your music is a strategic process. We'll assist you in creating a timeline for singles, albums, and music videos. From setting release dates to coordinating promotional activities, we'll ensure your music gets the attention it deserves.

Build a Fanbase: Engaging with your audience is key to building a loyal fanbase. We'll help you develop strategies for social media, email marketing, and live performances to connect with fans. Building a community around your music enhances the overall impact of your marketing efforts.

Promote Your Shows: Live performances are a powerful way to connect with your audience. Our team can assist in promoting your shows, coordinating tour plans, and leveraging online platforms to maximize attendance. Whether it's virtual or in-person, we'll help you create buzz around your performances.

Make it Happen: When it's time to launch your marketing plan, our team will be there to support you. Whether it's promoting new music releases, engaging with fans on social media, or organizing successful gigs, we'll work together to ensure your EPK pops!

Social Media Consulting

We specialize in providing social media consulting services to bands and musicians, helping you navigate the digital landscape to enhance your online presence and connect with your audience. Whether you're a new act or an established artist, our team is committed to guiding you through the intricacies of social media marketing.

Define Your Social Media Identity: Crafting a compelling social media presence is essential for musicians. Together, we'll define your unique voice, aesthetic, and content strategy across platforms like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and more. Your social media identity will resonate with your audience and strengthen your brand.

Strategize Content and Releases: Planning your content and music releases on social media requires a thoughtful approach. We'll assist you in creating a content calendar, optimizing posting schedules, and coordinating promotional campaigns. Whether it's teaser posts, behind-the-scenes content, or exclusive announcements, we'll help you engage your audience effectively.

Grow Your Fanbase: Building a robust fanbase on social media is key to sustaining your music career. Our team will develop strategies to increase followers, encourage engagement, and foster a sense of community. By leveraging social media platforms, you'll have a direct line of communication with your fans.

It's Go Time: As you embark on your social media journey, our team will be there to provide ongoing support. Whether it's analyzing performance metrics, adjusting strategies based on insights, or staying updated on platform trends, we'll work alongside you to make the most of your social media presence.


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    Knowing your fanbase is important. Knowing their favorite stores and bars can help you market directly to them by knowing where to best place your show and release posters.


    Thinking of your website as an EPK is a great way to kill two birds with one stone. It’s used to provide your artist bio, music, video, and details about your upcoming releases in an online format.


    Social media fads come and go, but email lists are still relevant. Mailchimp is a great starter option. They are great for marketing merch, tours, and releases directly to your fans via email.


    Social Media is meant to be used as an engagement platform. Think of your band's page as a hangout for your audience. Fans who follow you want to interact with you. Think of creative ways to interact with them.


    There are tons of music blogs and publications these days. Keep track of the ones you want to be featured in and start a spreadsheet of contact emails to start your own press contact list. The power is yours!


    Rome wasn't built in a day and it also takes time to successfully grow any brand. Stay diligent with the frequency of your marketing planning. Adapt with what works and keep refining your approach.

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