Midtopia is an initiative of M.E.A.D.O.W. (Music Ecosystems & Artist Development Organization of Wichita), a 501c4 organization.

M.E.A.D.O.W. Mission Statement:

To develop a thriving and self-sustaining musical community within and around Wichita, Kansas through the creation of infrastructure, education, and resources focused on musical performance and education, all on a nonprofit basis. In order to help musicians be part of a vibrant musical community outside a major metropolitan area for the benefit of Wichita area residents, the corporation may also support appropriate music recording, production, distribution, artist development, music worker education and training, and music business literacy education, with the overall aim of nonprofit community service.

Midtopia Bio:

Midtopia seeks to establish sustainable and equitable opportunities for independent artists and music workers via concepts for contributive partnerships and alternative business models that harness the connected, collaborative power of interdependence. This alternative to current music industry models is based on a philosophy of “do it ourselves” invoking greater cohesion to strengthen and build equity among artists and music workers, regardless of geographical location or current industry status. Like an intricate network of roots beneath a tree, this multidisciplinary collaboration will enhance these concepts giving artists and workers the ability to cultivate more sustainable growth, strengthen independence, fortify community, and propagate truly unique creative identities.