Our Services

Website Creation

Everything you do should live on your website. We can help strategize your layout and design from start to finish.

Start with the Basics: We'll start with a meeting to identify the basic needs for your site. This step will include creating a sitemap (all the pages that will live on your site) and wireframes (the bare-bones layout of the site).

Design Mockups: Next we'll begin designing. We'll do a quick branding session to build your visual identity. Our designer will create mockups for the site so you can approve what's going to be built.

Build the Site: It'll take some time to build a functioning website that represents your music, so this step will require patience. But once we're finished, your site will be ready to share with the world.

Maintain the Site: You'll want to update the site every time you put out a new piece of content. We can show you how to update your site on your own, or we can do it for you.

Run Analytics: We can track your site's SEO and adjust according to the stats. This will show us how your site is performing, and how we can make it even better.

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E-commerce Integration

Start profiting from your music by setting up an online shop for your physical merch.

Photograph Your Merch: If you're local, our photographers can take pics of your physical merch so all the products in your shop look appealing and consistent. We'll send some tips on how to take a solid photo of your own merch if you're from out of town.

Inventory Count: We'll input how many merch items of each size, color, and design you have, so you'll need to practice your counting. You'll also want to let us know how much you want to sell each product for so we can start selling.

Build the Shop: We'll build the shop based on your band's look and visual identity. It'll be up and running (and selling) in no time.

Maintain the Site: Every time you have a sale outside of the online store, you'll need to update your inventory on the site. Printing new merch will mean taking new photos and creating new products as well.

Integrate the Shop: We can link your website with your shop, and track analytics about your shop.

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Graphic Design

This topic is broad, but at its core, graphic design will help you present your band the way you want to. You can be memorable, powerful, and engaging with design that represents you.

Our graphic design services include:

  • Album Art
  • Concert/Tour Posters
  • Merch
  • Packaging Layout
  • Logos
  • Brand Identity
  • Social Media Graphics
  • and much more

No matter what you need designed, we'll go about it the same way.

Brainstorm Together: We'll set up a meeting with you and one of our graphic designers to think up a creative brief. You'll let them know everything you want delivered and what you want it to look like.

Moodboarding: Depending on the size of the project, the designer might send moodboards (yes, like on Pinterest) of different directions the design could go.

Round One: The designer will create a first draft of the design (or multiple versions) based on your direction. You'll let them know what you like and don't like about the design, and how you think it could better suit you.

Final Draft: Your design will be delivered to you in a zip file, and it'll be ready for you to use however you want!

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We can help you build a website, online shop, and visual identity you can be proud of—on an artist's budget.


    Your music is the reason you have a website, so make sure you link everything back to your music. Have icons at the top of every page with links to all steaming services.


    Have an email signup at the bottom of your page that encourages people to be a part of your mailing list. You can market your merch, tours, and releases directly to the fans who sign up.


    If you have consistent colors and typefaces in your designs, your audience will be able to associate you with your style.


    The best way to make money as an artist when you're not on the road is to sell your merch through your website. You'll want to have multiple merch designs available to keep your audience engaged.


    Make sure every video, show, and song ends up on your website, not just on your social media. You want your website to be a hub for everything you're doing, so treat it like an EPK.


    The most important thing when designing for your band is that your music is represented visually. Always design with your band's values, core, and essence in mind.