Our Services

Music Video Creation

We want to help create the perfect visual companion to your song. Whether you are starting completely from scratch or  just searching for help taking your vision to the next level, our team is ready to come alongside you in any way. 

Brainstorm a Concept: Arguably the hardest part of creating a music video is ideating the concept to base the video around. Let’s put our minds together to write a story, design a set, or set a theme for the video.

Write a Script: So now that we have the concept, next comes the script. Creating a video is 1000% easier when everyone goes into the shoot day all on the same page. We storyboard the entire video out, create shot lists, and decide on locations so that everything is an absolute breeze when we arrive on set.

Build a Team: Good music videos take a large team to pull off. We have connections all throughout the industry to bring in the perfect crew for your project. This includes camera operators, lighting, talent, and extras. 

Make it Happen: The day has finally come! Our team executes the script with you in the driver’s seat. Once all the footage is captured, we put together the final edit and the video is ready for your fans to enjoy!

Music Video Editing

Do you have some really cool footage that you need us to put together in a killer edit? We have the tools and experience to tell your story in a way that will have your fans watching again and again.

Share Your Idea: Let’s grab coffee and go over your vision, exchange footage and assets, and set a timeline for the project. 

We Do The Work: Using our experience and resources, our team takes your footage and crafts it into an exciting story based on your original script.

It’s Showtime: Your video is ready to release….but what will you post on social media? We include social media assets when we deliver the final edit that will drive your fans to your video to increase viewership.

Video Promo Assests Creation

The days of MTV are over! Music videos are just one of the many different ways that video content can get your music out into the world. 

Build Your Social Media Presence: It’s no secret that solid video content can supercharge your socials to keep fans engaged and coming back for more. 

Reach More Fans with Ads: Targeted video ads on social media can expand your reach to new fans to promote your new music, upcoming shows, or fresh merch. 

Generate Ideas: Crafting the concept is arguably the most challenging aspect of developing a video asset. Collaborate with us to brainstorm and shape a narrative, design a set, or establish a theme for your video.

Draft a Script: With the concept in place, the next step is scripting. Having everyone aligned on the shoot day significantly streamlines the video creation process. We meticulously plan the entire video, from storyboarding to creating shot lists and finalizing locations, ensuring a seamless experience on set.

Assemble a Team: Successful video production often requires a diverse and skilled team. Leveraging our industry connections, we bring together the ideal crew for your project, including camera operators, lighting experts, talent, and extras.

Bring It To Life: The awaited day has arrived! Our team, with you in the lead, brings the script to life. After capturing all the footage, we meticulously edit the final product, delivering a video ready for your audience to savor!


We'd love to assist you with your video needs. Get a quote for your upcoming project here.


    Fans love direct interaction with their favorite artists. Hop on your Instagram story to give updates about future releases, reminders about upcoming shows, or just fun facts about yourself.


    Level up your Spotify presence by adding a Canvas for your new release. A Canvas is a vertical video that is a visual accompaniment to your song.


    Not every song will have a music video, but every song can have a lyric video. Lyric videos are a simple way to have another piece of content that promotes your music. Get creative and have fun with it.


    Your fans love your music….but they also want to learn about what goes into the music. Behind the scenes videos give fans a peek into your world as an artist and a little glimpse into your personal life. 


    One of the most important skills of editing is knowing when to cut from one shot to another (unless you’re doing a one shot video). One strategy is cutting with the beat of your music. If the song has a fast tempo, quick cuts can add so much energy, etc.


    Treat every single video as a story. How are you going to take your audience from point A to point B? What message are you trying to tell your audience?