Meet Keo, a Texas-born singer/songwriter now based in Wichita, who believes making music is about both the songs and the meaningful connections forged during the artistic journey. Formed in 2019, Keo & Them is more than just a band; it’s a collective of musicians and collaborators, each leaving a distinct mark on the project’s evolving sound. With influences ranging from 70’s pop/R&B to contemporary neo-soul, alt R&B, and beyond, Keo & Them embraces the eclectic, allowing Keo to immerse herself in the Wichita music scene.

The band’s originally fluid lineup, fostered a sense of family and community within the band. The “Them,” embodied by Nathan Harrison (guitar) and Cece Raheb (bass), became permanent fixtures in the band during the recording of their breakthrough EP, “Don’t Say.”

Their latest venture, 2023’s “This Time Around,” emphasizes eclecticism, showcasing the band’s burgeoning metamorphosis. The tracks, from the moody neo-soul vibes of “Sijui” to the funk and nu-jazz grooves of “Fool Me Once” and the explosive fuzzed-out guitars in “Anxiety,” illustrate a stylistically varied journey that is embedded in the soul of the band. While collaboration defines the effort, Keo’s lyrics act as the glue, weaving extremely personal stories based on her past experiences. “This Time Around” delves into universal insecurities in an intimate way, confronting anxiety, self-esteem, and self-worth. Despite the struggles depicted, Keo’s words empower, conveying the message that, even when things aren’t going well, you’ll be okay in the end.


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