Job Title:

Administrative & Artist Coordinator


Full Time

Job Summary:

 Midtopia’s Administrative & Artist Assistant is the position that ensures the organization & artists are meeting their goals and have all resources necessary to complete their tasks

Supervisory Responsibilities: 


Duties / Responsibilities:

-Schedule Coordination for Midtopia Admin staff.

-Travel booking for Midtopia Admin staff.

-Meeting set up and scheduling.

-Meeting minutes recording and tracking.

-Calendar management for Midtopia admin staff.

-Manage day to day activities of artists.

-Schedule, facilitate and communicate effectively with artists and partners.

-Keep artists on schedule and engaged on a daily basis.

-Coordinate schedules.

-Ensure deadlines are being hit.

-Work with Midtopia Staff to ensure all information is disseminated effectively.

-Ensure quick turnarounds on requests.

-Maintain office supplies

To Apply:

Email cover letter and resume to Jessie Hartke at [email protected], with the subject line “Administrative & Artist Coordinator”.